Obsession of the Day: Essie’s ‘Lapis of Luxury’

Lately I have found myself obsessed with my nails. I’ve always loved getting my nails done, or (attempting) to do them myself — when I was younger, I had a huge collection of almost every different color of nail polish a girl could want. But over the years, the busy-ness of school, work, and social obligations have taken priority. For a long time, I only got manicures a few times during the summer, or when they were absolutely necessary, like before a wedding or a party.

But I recently discovered that a simple manicure only costs $6 at my salon of choice, and that is wonderfully cheap for a small indulgence. So, I’ve been getting a manicure every week, and I must admit, it’s great to look at my nails when they’re perfectly filed, trimmed, and polished.

So where am I going with this? I’ve been experimenting with different colors, but a few weeks ago, I finally found one color that I simply cannot do without.

From Essie’s resort collection, ‘Lapis of Luxury’ has become my all-time favorite color for spring. It may look a little drab in the bottle, but on your nails it is shiny and the most perfect color blue. It’s almost more of a lavender-ish/blue, actually. It’s just a different color than what you normally see on nails, and I absolutely love it. I’ve already gotten three manicures in a row with this color, and I get compliments from everyone.

Not to mention that it has great staying power. Essie and O.P.I. have always been my my nail polish brands of choice, but Essie is slowly creeping ahead of O.P.I. I got a manicure exactly a week ago with this color, and until yesterday, the polish was barely chipped, despite lots of showers and cooking.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful and perfect spring nail polish color, Lapis of Luxury is the best choice! I might even get it a fourth time…


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