Obsession(s) Of The Day: Lip Balms I’d Die Without

The title of this post may seem melodramatic, but it’s not so far from the truth. Probably the worst thing about winter for me, beauty-wise, is chapped lips. I can’t stand how they feel or how they look. They make kissing my boyfriend annoying and I also feel like everyone is always starring at them, judging me. Too self-absorbed? Maybe. But who doesn’t like soft lips year-round?

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect chap stick for a while now. I used to use regular ‘ole cherry ChapStick. It was unglamorous, but it was reliable and worked well. However, the cherry scent started to get to me after a while – along with the fact that there’s virtually no SPF there. My lips, besides getting dry and chapped in the winter, also have the unfortunate habit of getting very easily sunburnt in the summer. And if you’ve ever experienced that, you know it’s not fun. So, it’s essential for me to buy lip balm that includes a healthy dose of SPF.

For a while, I used Smith’s Rosebud Salve, and while I adored the pretty packaging, I didn’t quite love the application. It was sticky and sometimes too much for me.

More recently, I discovered Baby Lips by Maybelline and I am pretty much obsessed. Not only do I love, love, love the cute and fun packaging, but these also do amazing things for my lips. My number one favorite is Quenched, but if for some reason it’s not available, I also rely on Peppermint. These little babies make my lips feel so soft and smooth and also give them shine without any actual color. The best bonus? They’re incredibly cheap.

Maybelline Baby Lips

Do yourselves a favor and buy these.

For a long time, I thought that my love for Baby Lips could not be rivaled. I figured I never needed to try a new chap stick or lip balm ever again because my prayers had been answered and my dreams fulfilled. Then, I discovered Sugar.

I actually can’t remember where my Sugar lip treatment came from. I believe my mom gave it to me for Christmas, but I could be wrong – I do know that it was from my mom though. However I got it, I’m glad I did. When I was first presented with the sample sized Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, I was skeptical. I already had Baby Lips, what more could my lips want? But I tried it and I’m so glad I did. Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment is amazing. I have the clear one, which makes my lips look very kissable, but am dying to try one of the tinted versions. These little guys make my lips incredibly soft and they’re not sticky.

Fresh Sugar lip treatment

Love the subtle scent as well.


While the $22.50 price tag is significantly higher than my beloved Baby Lips, I can still safely say that this  is a new staple.

So, what’s your favorite lip balm? Give me some more obsessions!