Lovely Links: Cara Delevingne, How To Be An Instawhore, New Girl Outfits & More

This is the part of my blog where I link out to things I like on the Internet. I like a lot of things – but these are all extra amazing.


15 reasons why Cara Delevingne is just like Jennifer Lawrence, or in other words, the coolest model on the planet – Buzzfeed

This article about the delusions of both Taylor Swift and Glee made me clap my hands and cheer. – Huffington Post

I can’t even deal with Taylor Swift’s Vanity Fair interview, but this sums up what I think. – Vulture

This post about how to be an instawhore will make you giggle. – BetchesLuvThis

If you want to dress like Jess from New Girl… I’ve gotchu girl. – Gurl

This article about best friends spoke to me so much it almost made me cry – Thought Catalog 

I’m obsessed with the bright colors in this post and I want summer NOW – TioTrash





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