Movie Review: Oz The Great And Powerful

Thanks to my amazing job, I was able to attend an advanced screening of Oz The Great and Powerful this week. Since none of my friends asked how it was (rude), I figured I’d give it a little review here. PS: I’m not a movie critic. I just love movies and I’m easy to please when it comes to them.

Oz the Great and Powerful movie review

Mila, James, Michelle and Rachel doing their thing in Oz.

Read my review…

If I could describe Oz in two words, they would be: pretty and delightful.

Okay, so I kind of loved this movie. It got mixed reviews from my co-workers who went along with me. One of them also enjoyed it as much as I did, one of them said it was just “okay” and one of them was creeped out and had nightmares.

Maybe it’s because I am huge fans of James Franco, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams, or maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for some seriously impressive CGI work and a pretty face, or MAYBE it’s because I like kid movies, but I was really into Oz The Great and Powerful. The special effects made watching the movie just so pretty, and I know I keep saying that word, but once you watch it, you’ll understand that it just fits perfectly. The script was fun and funny – I laughed more than a few times. It was only slightly suspenseful, but I didn’t find myself bored once throughout the entire thing.

In general, it was a movie I was excited to see and I wasn’t disappointed. I really enjoyed it and if I had kids (God, let’s not go there), I would have brought them along. More accurately, this is absolutely something I would force my boyfriend to watch with me.


As far as what others are going to say about this movie – I feel like maybe everyone won’t love it. But I mainly think that’s because for some reason, people insist on hating on James Franco. I’m just like, guys, relax. He’s hot, he’s funny, he’s a good actor – I mean, okay, he’s weird and stuck-up and random and none of us can seem to figure him out. But I’ve always loved him and I always will, and so I guess it makes sense that I loved him as Oz.

Anyway, go see it when it comes out this Friday! It’s a fun and delightful movie that will probably make you smile, giggle and want a China doll and flying monkey for your own. Trust me.

Are you planning on seeing Oz The Great and Powerful? If you’ve already seen it, what did you think? Tell me – I want to know! 


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