Lovely Links: High School Mistakes, New Movie Trailers And More

This is the part of my blog where I link out to things I like on the Internet. I like a lot of things – but these are all extra amazing.


Relive your rebellious high school years with these 20 mistakes you almost definitely made in high school – Gurl

If you need a laugh, then you NEED to watch Mean Gurlz, a seriously amazing parody of Mean GirlsBuzzfeed

You also need to look at these GIFs from The Wolf Of Wall Street trailer. Leo ❤ – Vulture

Find out why Princesses Of Long Island is a huge joke – Betches Love This

This Chanel summer makeup collection is TO DIE FOR. – Beautifully Invisible

10 reasons why you should work out on the weekends – Undressed Skeleton

Make up your summer reading list based on these 20 books that will change your life – Thought Catalog

These beautiful pictures will make you wish you were on the beach right now – Cream & Coal

Have you heard about the latest amazing H&M collaboration yet? – Sage and Clare



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