New Year, New Start

I know I haven’t been keeping up with this blog at all since I started it. Even though no one reads it but me, I still want to keep up with it.

So, I’m going to be doing things a little differently in 2014.

Instead of making this a general blog where I write about things I like, I’m going to make it a blog about my New Year’s Resolutions because I really want to keep them – and I want to start writing more. So this is basically killing two birds with one stone, you know?

Every year, I make general resolutions about losing weight, going to the gym and getting skinny. They never work and I never keep up with them. So this year, I decided to make a more concrete list of things that I think will improve my life and me as a person. I really want to keep up with them and I’m hoping that blogging about it will give me more motivation and will help keep me on track. I’m sick of just going to work and hanging out with my boyfriend and sometimes my friends and being lazy the rest of the time. I want to do things that will improve my life and make me feel better about myself. So, here they are:

For my mind/self:

  • Read at least one book every month. Try for two.
  • Actually read my monthly magazines the month I get them.
  • Keep my room clean – or at least a little clean.
  • Keep better track of the money I spend and save more.
  • Travel as much as I can, try to go to at least three new places this year.
  • Do one new thing every day.

For my body: 

  • Go to the gym three times a week for at least 20 minutes.
  • Eat better and healthier for my stomach issues.
  • Drink more water – three water bottles during work, one at night before bed, no exceptions.
  • Start taking acidophilis every day.
  • Wash my face before bed every night.

I really want to use this blog as a place where I keep track of what I’m spending my money on, an exercise log, a place to put healthy recipes I like, a travel log, a review of the books I read and mainly to write about the one new thing I do every day. Whether it’s reading something new, eating something new, trying a new face mask, getting lunch somewhere different, going somewhere new or trying something I’ve never done, I want to do something new every day. I’m sick of the same old routine. I need to branch out!

So, here goes. I’ll start writing in 2014, after I go on vacation to New Hampshire. Once I get home from there, I always feel like I have a fresh start where I can really try to do new things. I’m excited about these resolutions. I really think they can improve me! Hopefully, this works. 🙂


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